Procedures Offered

  • Arbitration:   A procedure in which the dispute is submitted to an arbitral tribunal which makes a decision (an "award") on the dispute that is binding on the parties

  • Negotiation:   A non-binding procedure in which discussions between the parties are initiated without the intervention of any third party with the object of arriving at a negotiated settlement to the dispute

  • Conciliation/Mediation:  A non-binding procedure in which an impartial third party, the conciliator/mediator, assists the parties to a dispute in reaching a mutually satisfactory agreed settlement of the dispute.

  • Con/Med-Arb:   A procedure which combines, sequential, conciliation and, where the dispute is not settled through conciliation/mediation within a period of time agreed in advance by the parties, arbitration.

  • Mini-trial:  A non-binding procedure in which the disputant parties are presented with summaries of their cases to enable them to assess the strength, weaknesses and prospects of the case and then an opportunity to negotiate a settlement with the assistance of a neutral adviser.

  • Fast-track Arbitration  A form of arbitration in which the arbitration award is rendered in a particularly short time and at reduced cost.